Pivot Point Capital Means Viable Solutions For
For Shareholders of companies looking for alternatives to a stall, slump or downward spiral, Pivot Point Capital offers the potential to preserve and enhance remaining equity values before they further diminish. Pivot Point Capital can reinvigorate the business by providing fresh capital and management resources, thereby helping current shareholders realize value on ownership positions that may otherwise lose much or all of their value.

Banks and other financial institutions with defaulted or non-performing loans, the combination of capital and management expertise Pivot Point Capital brings to a troubled situation greatly enhances the prospects for a viable recovery, often without the expense and uncertainty associated with a bankruptcy. Since Pivot Point Capital has in-house the financial and management resources to understand and analyze a distressed situation, we can act quickly to resolve troubled situations before they have been damaged beyond repair.

For Attorneys, Accountants, Consultants and other Advisors, the Pivot Point Capital approach presents an alternative to a catastrophic loss for a client who may otherwise have few choices to prevent the equity of a once solid business from becoming valueless. Importantly, since Pivot Point Capital is not a consulting or crisis management firm, we do not compete with other advisors, but rather represent a potential solution for advisors with troubled clients.