Investment Criteria
Pivot Point Capital generally seeks long-term investment opportunities with several of the following characteristics:

Older, established companies where the founder/owner/manager is ready to retire with no apparent successor managers/owners.

Companies where growth has stalled and the outlook is uncertain.
Companies that are operationally/financially distressed, or significantly underperforming relative to market potential.
Companies with recent sales of approximately $10 million to $50 million.
Manufacturing, value-added distribution and specialty service companies that have or can reestablish protectable competitive advantages.
Companies capable of moderate growth once stabilization has occurred, particularly companies that can serve as platforms for growth and strategic acquisitions in fragmented industries.
While we are open to a broad variety of industries, we are interested particularly in companies that are niche OEM manufacturers, value-added distributors and B2B specialty service firms.
Companies geographically located in Oregon, Washington, Idaho or Northern California.

Situations Not Generally of Interest:
Companies which manufacture products sold as commodities, which manufacture or sell products with short product life cycles or which compete in markets driven by rapid technological change.
Companies that are start-ups or require expansion financings, unless they are part of a roll-up strategy.
Companies in financial distress due to over-leveraging in a buyout or recapitalization, where the operating performance is otherwise in line with reasonable expectations.